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Find qualified tutors in your area to help your student succeed in Spanish

We have dedicated our time to screening elite tutors to feature prominently on our website. By choosing the most adept instructors in Spanish, we can in turn guarantee a positive experience for your student. Many of our tutors are currently attending or graduated from elite institutions, such as Princeton, Cornell, Northwestern, Emory, University of Chicago, Stanford, UCLA, University of Maryland, Georgia Tech and many more.

Spanish Tutors

Fabiola Tucx

#personal_spanish_tutor, #spanish_tutor_for_children

Education: University of California, Los Angeles. Political Science and Education

On top of education enhancement and leadership skills, I have strong communication skills in both English and Spanish, which allows me to communicate with teachers, administrators, and parents, an important tool in setting goals for students and following their improvement. Lastly, I am passionate about tutoring and education. Taking the coursework needed to minor in Education, I have learned several skills other than teaching, such as mediation, counseling, and team building.


4.9 Stars (4.9 / 5)

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spanish tutor

Francesca Santos

#private_spanish_tutor, #personal_spanish_tutor

Education: UCLA: Political science (International Relations) and a minor in Theater.

I was a bio-chem major for the first couple years at UCLA, so I still have a very strong math/science background. It’s not my favorite thing, however. I’m very skilled at writing. I scored a 2000 on my SATs. I have about 10+ years’ experience with classical piano. Also have experience tutoring Spanish


4.8 Stars (4.8 / 5)

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Ismael Ramirez

#personal_spanish_tutor, #spanish_grammar_tutor

Education: UCLA, Spanish.

I was an AP Spanish tutor for the UCLA Office of Instructional Development for two years. I was stationed first in Gardena High School and then at University High School. While at University high school, I also tutored basic math and all levels of Spanish. I often gave PowerPoint presentations to AP English classes regarding the AP test, the SAT, ATC, as well as test taking skills. I am a confident public speaker, I work well with others and I am fluent in both Spanish and English. I am also very well versed on how to operate Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.


4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)

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How tutoring works

Quality, Assured

We screen and assess our tutors prior to their first session to ensure they are fluent in the skills required to tutor each of their advertised subjects. Additionally, many of our tutors attended elite institutions, which exposed them to novel and innovative approaches to solving problems or learning concepts in their areas of expertise.

Money Back Guarantee

If you are unsatisfied with your tutor for any reason, we will refund you the full price of your session.

Secure and Affordable

Tutors set their own rates, based on their individual background and the market rate for their services. Thus, many tutors will keep their fees competitive in order to gain an advantage within the pool of available tutors, ensuring an affordable and quality tutoring experience. Additionally, we use secure servers to store your personal information, so your payment methods, etc., are safe with us.

Student-focused Lessons

Our tutors will travel to a location convenient to you and work to craft lessons that address your student’s specific needs.

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Learn Spanish With Ease

Learning another language is no easy task. During our hiring process, we require applicants to take subject-specific assessments in order to ensure they are adept at the skills and concepts most prevalent in the areas they prefer to teach. Thus, Spanish tutors have all been deemed qualified to teach Spanish prior to their first session as one of our esteemed tutors.

Spanish is an increasingly popular language to learn in our swiftly globalizing world. If your students wishes to gain proficiency in the language, it will be important for them to consistently work on mastering it. At HeyTutor, we know how important it is for your student to get the best education possible, and our selected tutors will offer exceptional instruction in order to help your student succeed in Spanish.

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